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Each week, we will post several actions you can take in the upcoming week. These actions are coordinated with the greater Austin area groups, as well as with the national groups. As always, choose one or more as your interest and energy allow.

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Welcome Back! I hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays. Happy New Year!

Did you know that Texas holds the first primary in the nation? Here are important dates to know:

February 5 – last day to register to vote in the primary

February 20 to March 2 – Early voting

March 6 – Election Day!

Who's on the ballots: 2018 Texas Primary Candidates

Watch this space for more information on candidates and voting rights as we shift into election mode. There are also tons of new resources from the Indivisible Project at


Hold your GOP MoC accountable for enabling Trump’s racism

The Dream Act has bipartisan support, yet all of our GOP members of congress—Cornyn, Cruz, McCaul, Flores, Smith, Carter—would rather vote with Trump than work to protect Dreamers.

Get scripts for calling these “Dream Killers”


Hold MoCs accountable for their votes to expand US spying on American citizens

Last week, Congress voted to reauthorize and expand “FISA 702”, which enables the Trump administration to search–without a warrant!—a massive database of our emails, texts, and instant messages.

The votes were not along party lines:

Voted For:

John Cornyn

Michael McCaul

Bill Flores

Lamar Smith

John Carter

Voted Against:

Ted Cruz

Lloyd Doggett

Roger Williams

Get more info and scripts for calling your reps about expanded government surveillance


Reject HHS Pandering to Social Extremists

At the end of this week, the Trump Administration ordered new rules to restrict access to health care and end essential civil rights protections.

First, Health and Human Services rolled back an Obama-era rule that protected patients’ ability to access their medical provider of choice—essentially encouraging states to remove providers like Planned Parenthood from their Medicaid programs. Unfortunately, here in Texas, we’ve seen the damaging impact of doing so firsthand as women have struggled to access basic health services, including birth control.

Then, HHS established an alarming new division to protect individuals who oppose comprehensive reproductive health care as well as those who oppose transgender people’s right to equal treatment and wish to deny medical treatment based on those beliefs. While the Trump Administration claims the division will only enforce existing law, the dramatic move to establish an entirely new office to “investigate” claims that individuals are being forced to provide services against their will (only 34 such complaints were filed even since Trump came to office) sets the stage for much more dramatic action to come.

Tell your MOC: restore Obama-era protections that help to ensure families can go to the medical provider of their choosing and oppose the Administration’s actions to prioritize extremists over patients.


Support Paid Sick Leave in Austin

Indivisible Austin supports the Work Strong Austin campaign. The city of Austin is poised to become the first city in Texas and the South to require paid sick days for all workers. City Council is expected to vote on a proposed ordinance in early-to-mid February.

Currently, 225,000 men and women in Austin do not have access to earned paid sick time, and Austin City Council has the power to change that. Without earned paid sick time, a sick low-wage worker in Austin who misses three days of work due to illness can lose pay equal to a month’s worth of groceries.

Send a letter to your Austin City Council member to the let them know you support paid sick days for all workers

For more action ideas, check out the Indivisible Action Calendar